We are so excited to announce that we are almost at $35,000 dollars!!!! That is half way to our goal !!! We are so appreciative of everyone who has helped so far.

Thank you to some of our donors:

Some of our donors include:

Mark Blevins, Susan Anderson, Monte, James Paige, Marina Neal,  Kerri Paxton,                 Nicholaus Bowles, Lance Liden, Lincoln City Police Association, Wildflower Grill, Scott Manes, Brooke Price & Side Door Café, Lisa Hadley & Prem. RV Resorts,  Larry Myers & Blue Bay Carpentry, Ryan Tigner and iTravel, Coastal Refrigeration,  Shutterbug,  Patricia Ayers-Taylor and Hoffman Taylor Construction, Stanley Schook and DBA Properties,  Charlotte Lehto Insurance,             Ana Imes and Bodyworqs, NW Investments, Surftides Beach Resort,          Robert and Tracy Dahlman, Barbara Jenkin-Gibson and the Christmas Cottage, Chris Bushnell,           Rebecca McGee,  David Jamieson, Kathleen Keim,  Lisa Powell, Kevin McDonald, Margot Ross,  Steven Prickett, Sinclair Doggett,                 Caleb Wynn, Coastarmory, Qile Lakey, Arther Van Der Harten,  Claudia Bavelas,  Shelley Cranley, Meggie Chapman, Laura Ladd, K Barnard, Nathan Levin, James Hukill, Jennifer Eddington, Stan Fisher,        Jerry Lawson, Kathleen Cope, John Summers, James Holko, Edgar Miner, Janell Swinger, Barbara Eckman, Stan Kleweno, Jerry Mattson, John Bailey,           Lynda Walcker, Julie Jacobson, David Johnson,                 Lori and James Fulmer,                Rich Hallstrom, Debbi Wood, Lee’s Restaurant, Wanda Kovazovich, Dana Schutze, Alexa And William Schmitt, Matthew Medeiros, Murphy the Plant Lady, Kathleen Lowry, Janet Barber, Captain Cook Inn, Ryan Knott RK Const., Truax Holding LTD, Lavender Blue,            Linda Allen, Michael King, Robert Chrisman, Richard Heller, Tri-Enterprises, TP Freight Lines, John Atkinson, Carol Harris, Ted and Ruthie Dodge,  John & Molly Peterson, McMenamins INC, Bari Johnson, Timothy Wilp, Georgia Cobb, Bee Boye, Terry and Carol Tegg, Gloria Garland, Edna McMasters, James and Wanda Barry, P. Unverzagt, Susan Walker, Jeanette Gallucci, Beth Wilton, Susan McElvogue, Clive and Jo Doran, Diggers Fire, Beth Shipley, Liz Ponder, David and Charlotte Lee,      Don Siders Drywall, Rufus Carter Jr, David and Val Dangler, Jeff Paul Fish, Stacy Barocchi, Elmer and Sherrill Roehrl,              Marcella Gardner, Deborah and Terrell Brown, Constance Gohlman, Ward Bonnin, Robert McNamara, Carole Olson, Northwest Homes, Julie Behrends, Dale and Sandra Walker,   Unity by the Sea,  Groundhog Family, Bonnie Cartwright, Nancy Bryson, Mike and Jean Celia,          Chet Gardner, Sandor Branczeisz, Dolores Smith, Rich and Flora Craven, George Vaughan, Judy Murdoch, Ronald and Carol Means,              Doris Farrington, Monica and Howard Steele, Jack and Dianne Baker, Mary Sell and Lake House, Devils Lake RV Park, Maureen McGlynn, Tony and Jan Accardo,       William and Roberta Porter, Elizabeth Black, Lucille Bacon, Robert and Nancy Grove, Murl and Kay Ferguson, Carolyn Lee, Craig and Nancy Klose, Dennis and Carol Souza,       Arthur and Mary Bauer,                Marie Bray, Kate Case,                 Loretta and Steve Sager,              Michael and Norma Bowles, Kenny and Helen Macnamara, John Cheek,               LJW Properties, Carol Green,               Voll Properties,                 Douglas and Janice Parker, Deborah Tyler-Cook, Corinne King,  Muriel Ing, Lawrence and Shirley Morrell, Robert and Colette Carlos, Hindman Cattle, Amancio and Adelia Dizon, Jeff Dale, Bess Buttz, Art Miles, Pamela Baker, Merlin and Sandra LaJoie, Willamette Dental Group, Michael and Kimberly Edwards, Mary Smothers, Nancy and Walter Zolnikov, Fredrick and Linda Plews, Welcome Home Rental Prop, Frances Scheidel, Western Title, Pacific West Ambulance, Jerry Silver, Judy Casper, Christy Strong, Bill and Lisa Lilles, New Life Foursquare, Margarett Gross, Charles St. James, Daral Livingston, Rita Ter Sarkissoff, Taunya Richars, Robert Salazar-Grinder,  Alex and Karen Lauber, Ronald and Sharon Clark, Dow Poling, David and Susan Lundgerg, Gerald and Dorothy Edy, Tom and Sheila Lichy, Lesley Choate, Christopher and Julianne Bishop. Eleanor Whitford, Mary Colburn Jones, Linda and Moody Trust, Judy Mende, Gae Linfoor, J S Coins LLC, Western States Electrical, Nancy McCall,